When you hire us, you’ll be adding capacity to your team. You’ll be adding senior developers with experience across all technologies. We have a seasoned group of team members who focus on front-end, back-end, UI/UX design, database administration, DevOps, and mobile technologies.

Formed as a working partnership between independently owned US and overseas operations, AppDevv is run by Chris Keller, Usama Ahmed, and Ali Murtaza.

Collectively the partnership has perfected the model of product ideation, UI/UX design, hands-on project management, communication, and value-driven development.

Unlike other hybrid development labs, AppDevv has zero-tolerance for black-box development done behind closed doors with little oversight between project inception and delivering results.

Instead, our work is defined by morning and night project management with what might feel like heavy-handed involvement. But it works and eliminates the trust gaps that working in isolation too often create.